Kid’s Day Out Fall Enrollment Now Open at Eastminster


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Momma, I want to hand you a lifeline. I want you to get a cup of coffee with another mom and remember what a non-interrupted adult conversation is like. Have you seen a doctor, optometrists or dentist since giving birth?! You matter too! Go get your haircut! Take the time for that small business you started. Make a written do-list and feel like a conqueror at the end of four hours when you’ve crossed things off the list.

My name is Paige Floyd and I love serving families with young children as the coordinator of Kid’s Day Out at Eastminster Church! As a mom of a 7-year-old and almost 4-year-old, I understand the little years of parenting. I am just now stepping away from sleepless nights, bottle feedings (and the subsequent endless washing), potty training, and discipline quandaries….well, those are still happening but you get the idea! I know just how sweet but taxing, wonderful yet exhausting the little years can be.

What is Kid’s Day Out?

Kid’s Day Out offers care from 3 months through Pre-K. We understand that when life is in three-hour cycles of eat, play, sleep the days can turn into weeks….and then you realize you still haven’t showered! Let KDO give you that deep breath to refocus, regroup and re-evaluate weekly. Whether you go to work or run to the grocery store, you can relax knowing we provide your children with an age-appropriate Bible lesson, crafts, free play, music class and physical exercise in an energetic, nurturing environment!

It is our joy to spend time loving your children while they are in our care. Their quirks, funny one-liners, and unique characteristics make our program vibrant! At KDO children are grouped with peers of the same age to offer ideal socialization! Even in such early development, we know how children benefit from peer play and interaction. Each of the Kid’s Day Out staff have three to 18+ years experience in child care. Consistent class assignments help your children to bond with their teachers and truly build a relationship carried out for the whole school year.

We’re Here to Help!

Parenting isn’t easy work but it is the most worthwhile. At Eastminster, we desire to come alongside you in a supportive role of offering Christ-centered child care. At drop off I sometimes hear concerns from moms sounding like, “I hope he/she has an okay day with you. It wasn’t a great morning at home.” This sentence is always accompanied by a worried look and a heavy heart. Almost without fail, the change of pace KDO offers gives the child a chance to reset and the momma to return with a fresh energy. It can be a turning point in the week for many families! We want to breathe life into your family through serving you and your children in a tangible way!

Feeling Anxious?

This year comes with unique concerns moms have never had to think about before. Kids Day Out has always had a rigorous wellness policy for all staff and attendees as well as cleaning protocol. COVID-19 has brought a new need for heightened policy. We are adjusting as needed due to the developments of the virus.

If you are anxious at the thought of dropping off your child, I want to offer for you to call me. I would love to talk to you and share what we do at KDO in more depth.

If you are a mom who can drop off with ease, I hope you enjoy every minute of your four hours!

We welcome kids with the love of Christ to a morning of fun in an energetic and active environment with music class, crafts, recreation time, a balance of listening and free play, snacks and lunch. Kid’s Day Out is for ages 3 months – Pre-K from 9:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Registration is first come, first serve. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 per child for fall Kid’s Day Out. Visit for more info and to enroll. Contact Paige Floyd with questions at [email protected] or 634.0337, ext. 2050.

Below are some testimonials from all types of moms!

“KDO was a huge blessing in our lives. I expected a somewhat tough adjustment for my son (who had never really been away from mom), but his teachers were amazing and he loved it from the start. Each day when I told him it was time to go to “school” he was out the door and in the car as fast as his little legs could go! He came home several times “singing” and doing the motions for the songs they sang. What a blessing to see your small child singing about the love of Jesus, and to know that that is exactly what he was being wrapped in. KDO was such a great experience. I am so thankful for the wonderful staff and the love they showed him.”

-Jordi Camacho

“We love KDO!!! The teachers are attentive and kind. After we had our second baby, our son’s teachers were so in tune with his needs at “school” and watching his emotional health through the transition to big brother. We enjoy the laid back, welcome home, type feel we receive every time we walk through the doors. It is a peaceful, fun, and Christ centered environment that we look forward to each week!”

-Loni Griffin

“Eastminster Kid’s Day Out has been so valuable to our family. The instructors and staff love my kiddos and I feel confident knowing they’re in capable hands! I love how Kid’s Day Out gives my children a weekly structured time of socialization and play to help ease their transition into pre-k.”

-Kim Power

“We are so thankful for the nurturing, Christ-centered environment that KDO offered our son. He was always excited to be dropped off and not only came home with fun songs and artwork, but precious memories made with loving teachers and new friends.”

-Heather Snider



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