Dear Kindergarten Mama (First Day of K Printable)

The school supplies have been carefully selected. The backpack that seems way too big has been packed. You’ve talked for weeks about how exciting school will be as you calm any worries your child has, but deep down you feel those same butterflies. 
This is big. Really big. Your baby is going to Kindergarten. 
I know you’re feeling all the emotions; you’re proud, excited, worried, overwhelmed. It’s ok, this is new to you, too. Remember that we are in this together. When you wipe the tear from your eye as you finally leave your precious child in his tiny chair at his tiny table on the first day, I fight back my own tears because I know as amazing as it is to see our little ones grow, it’s hard to hit these milestones and realize it’s going too fast. I’m so excited to teach your child this year, but I’m here for you, too. If you have worries, you can share them with me. When your little one learns a skill, I’m here to celebrate with you. This is a new village for you and we are both working to help your child be as successful as he can and love to learn. 
I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Kindergarten is magical. You’re going to stand in awe of this kid who comes home telling you about words he is learning to read and the new friend he played with at recess and how he laughed so hard at carpet time that he got the hiccups. You’re going to see him learn to solve problems on his own and get even more creative. He’s going to come home and tell you about the joke the principal said or how he learned about dinosaurs and spiders in science. He’s going to bring home more art projects than you can handle, but each one will be so very special. 
I promise to love your child as I teach him so many incredible things this year. I’ll bandage up boo boos, listen to him, help him get his lunch, and introduce him to new friends. 
But let me assure you that no matter how exciting school is, your sweet child will always love you more. Kindergarten students tend to share all the things happening in their lives (and I mean ALL the things!) and I hear countless stories about the extra snuggles they got with you that morning or the special trip to get ice cream as a family the night before. You’re never going to be replaced, and wrapped in a big hug is still going to be your child’s favorite place to be.
So here we go, Kindergarten mama. You’ve got this. You’ve raised your baby to go do great things and we are just getting started. I can’t wait for you to experience this year with me. 
A Kindergarten Teacher Mama
P.S.  To help you remember this special first day forever, click here for a free printable of our First Day of Kindergarten sign!
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Liz Ewing
Liz lives in West Wichita with her husband, Shane, and their two kiddos, Brynn (October '15) and Beckett (December '17). Liz loves her job as a Kindergarten teacher in the same district she grew up attending as a child herself. When she is not chasing after small children, Liz enjoys her coffee black (bonus points if it's still warm!), her wine red, attending church with her family, long lunches to catch up with her girlfriends, and exploring new restaurants and ice cream spots with her hubby on date nights.