School is Out: Practical Schedule for Kids (FREE PRINTABLE)


We love the quote circulating by funny dad Simon Holland: “No one is full of more false hope than a parent making a colorful daily schedule for their kids during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Because it’s true. 

Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with providing a schedule for the kids when school is out, in fact, we strongly encourage it. Children thrive on routine, and parents need it for productivity and mental health purposes. It gives us sanity!

But it’s important to set yourself up for success with attainable schedules and routines. We have been in that boat where we put together a rigorous schedule and then feel like a failure when the kids get overwhelmed before it even starts. 

So check out these easy to follow routines and schedules for any age – great to use when school is out. They are helpful and easy to follow for a variety of reasons. 

  1. Kids need boundaries and guidelines. 
  2. Schedules helps with all the “can I have a snack” and “what do we do next” – instead, you can just refer to the schedule. No guessing for the kiddos.
  3. They provide loose guidelines but also allow for flexibility. The schedule itself is meant to provide ideas so you aren’t left with that stressful feeling of what the heck to do with all your free time. 

Schedule for Kids for When School is Out 

And from our friends at Rochester Mom:

Routine for Kids 


Blank Routine for Kids 



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