Why You Need A Doctor You Love


I feel I am pretty well versed in doctors. I have seen my fair share over the years, as have most of you, I’m sure. Some doctors are those that you see a time or two and others regularly… and what I have learned is there are two doctors in your mom life that it is imperative that you absolutely LOVE: Your OBGYN and your pediatrician.

These two doctors answer all the questions about those you treasure the most in this world, your children. Making sure that you have a strong relationship with them is a must!

Building a relationship with your doctor is the same as building a relationship with any other person in your life. There are some people in this world that you just click with and others…not so much. And that’s ok! That’s why we have options. Some of my favorite people in the world see a doctor that I had a horrible experience with and they think he’s the cat’s meow… we just didn’t happen to click.  But guess what? There are a lot of other doctors out there, and I found one I loved too.

If you think about it, your OB sees you through some crazy times. Throughout your pregnancies when every single thing about your body is changing. Plus add in your emotional extremes – your happiest and most excited highs and sometimes your worried, stressed and maybe even a little crazy lows. 🙂

And beyond pregnancies, you have birth control, hormones, menopause, sex drive…I mean the list goes on and on. For a lot of women, this may be the only doctor they see in a year. This needs to be a person you feel comfortable talking about your body with and there is no way that is going to happen if you don’t like your doctor!

And it goes further than like, I really do love both my OB and my pediatrician. Husbands and wives of doctors can relax… I mean love in a very platonic way! (Although, I did always JOKE with my husband that the only person I would ever leave him for was my OB, he was just the very best.)

The point is, with  Love comes trust. That trust provides confidence in your physician. You are confident they will do what is best for you and/or your child when needed.

Was I nervous each time I was getting ready to have a baby? Yes.

Did I trust that my OB would do everything in his power to make sure both my baby and I would leave the hospital happy and healthy? Yes.

And you know what? That was one less thing I had to worry about! He gave me peace of mind.

Your pediatrician provides the same care (for your kids) and peace of mind (for you). What do I know about baby rashes, circumcision and vaccination schedules? Not a ton – but you know who does? My pediatrician.

Did I go into those early appointments with a lot of questions? Yes.

But did I leave feeling better and relieved because I trust him? Yes.

The panicked feeling when it is 4:30 PM on a Friday afternoon and your infant has a fever of 103 degrees but your pediatrician tells you exactly what medications to give and when, and when/if you need to reach out if things don’t change is a welcomed relief going into the weekend.

BUT, if you don’t have that trust in your physician, it won’t help, and you will end up on Google and WebMD. The trouble is, with an online search you always walk away with a diagnosis of cancer and you will make yourself crazy by the end of the weekend.

So save your sanity and find yourself a doctor that you love, and most importantly, find a doctor that you trust.

It just makes mom life easier.

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Jamie Lindamood
Jamie lives outside of Eureka on a cattle ranch with her favorites...husband, Diltz, and their three kiddos, Sydney (10), Henry (8) and Charlie (6). Works at Krehbiel Architecture in Wichita and spends quite a bit of time in her hometown working, playing, and volunteering. At home in Eureka, she is overly involved too...working with the community for revitalization and always enjoys encouraging people to learn how their food really gets to their plate as an advocate of agriculture through her Day at the Ranch tour, You Are Here agriculture education program and Greenwood County Cattlewomen social media outlets.