5 Festive Christmas Sitcom Episodes to Get You in the Holiday Spirit


How into the holiday spirit do you get? Do you have decked halls and been fa-la-la-ing everywhere you go? If so, then this post is for you! You’re my kind of people. The ones who adore a holiday themed episode of your favorite show! This list is not inclusive of all holiday episodes, nor did I even do an unbiased poll of people’s favorites. This is MY list of my favorite holiday episodes from some of my favorite TV shows. I hope you will enjoy the list and if you haven’t seen some of them grab a string of popcorn and a cup of eggnog, sit down, relax and enjoy the shows.

The O.C.

The Best Chrismukkah Ever (Season 1 episode 13) Seth teaches Ryan the holiday that combines Christmas and Hanukkah. Ryan, being new to the O.C. and the Cohen family is broody and disinterested in it. While trying to be in the holiday spirit the boys go to a Christmas party where Seth has to choose between Summer and Anna and Ryan has to decide if drunk Marissa is worth it. After a stop by the police and just given a warning Seth declares to Ryan that he has experienced a Chrismukkah Miracle and had given him the faith to make his decision.


Christmas Joy (season 3 episode 9) Shawn and Gus help get a mall Santa out of jail only to realize that he is part of a con group. Gus’s sister is in town and during the holiday festivities it comes out that Shawn and Joy had a fling back in the day. Hilarity ensues while Shawn and Gus still work together to solve the crime conned Christmas.


My Own Personal Jesus (season 1 episode 11) When Turk has to work on Christmas Eve his faith is tested when he sees  the bad things that happen to good people and asks the age old question of how God allows it to happen. JD and Carla try to help him through it while Elliott has a patient check out unexpectedly. Turk has an epiphany and figured out where her patient went and experiences a Christmas miracle.


The One with the Holiday Armadillo (Season 7 Episode 10) Ross wants to teach Ben about Hanukkah when he has him for the holidays. Ben’s holiday tradition is for Santa to visit but because Ross wanted to teach him about Hanukkah he waited too long and all the Santa suits were gone. He enters as the Holiday Armadillo and as soon as Ben shows interest in learning about Hanukkah, Chandler shows up as Santa and Joey enters as Superman. Ross finally has a chance to talk about Hanukkah and they light the menorah all together. 

Schitt’s Creek

Merry Christmas Johnny Rose (Season 4 Episode 13) Johnny wants the family to celebrate the holidays with a Rose Christmas party. He puts David in charge of decorations and Alexis on the guest list while Johnny and Moira go pick out a tree. Due to their selfish natures, David, Alexis and Moira all do what they always do and make the day about themselves causing Johnny to flashback and realize that what he really wants is to just spend it together as a family. They eventually pull the event together and Moira funds John at the diner and brings him back home to surprise him with all their friends from town.