How to BOO Your Friends & Neighbors This Halloween

One early October night a few years ago we noticed an unexpected pumpkin waiting for us as we were getting ready for dinner. Walking outside we found that this pumpkin wasn’t a trick, but rather a sweet treat from one of our neighbors explaining that we had been Booed and it was now our turn to pass it on. This began my love affair with Booing my neighbors to kick off the Halloween season. What is a Boo you may ask? Boo-ing is a fun Halloween tradition where you secretly place a gift on your neighbors’ porch for them to find along with a note telling them that they have been booed along with instructions for how to pass it on. 

How to Boo Your Neighbors:

If you have received a Boo, step one is to place a sign on your front door or in a window sharing with all your neighbors that you have been visited. Now it is your turn to spread the spirit! Each year I enjoy putting together a basket full of goodies for two of my neighbors. I try to tailor my baskets towards the families that I intend to boo.  If the family has little kids a Halloween themed book stickers, and coloring pages make for the perfect basket.  For families with school aged children activity books, crafts like Perler beads or shrink-a-dinks are great to keep them busy. Other great gets are Halloween themed pencils, bubbles, light up necklaces (perfect to be used for Halloween night to keep children visible), and window cling decorations are just a few ideas. I love hitting up any dollar store, the Target Dollar Spot, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s to fill my baskets. So much of Halloween is food based that I try to steer clear of candy, but throwing in a movie theater sized box of candy or two helps make the basket extra sweet. 

Now it is time to deliver your boo! You have two days from the day you got booed to get your delivery completed. Along with your basket have two copies of the We’ve Been Booed sign with instructions included in your baskets. Now as quiet as a thief in the night, which this is the hardest part for my son, deliver your baskets to your neighbors to find.

Such an easy fun way to make Halloween about more than just a single day.

Booing doesn’t have to be just for the families/neighbors that have kids. Leave adult-only neighbors a basket with a bag of coffee, fancy chocolates, or even a potted mum. While getting my supplies ready this year I spotted the cutest You’ve Been Boozed wine gift bags! I grabbed a few to share with those neighbors that I know enjoy an adult beverage.

Free Printable “You’ve Been Booed” Sign

Ready to get a new tradition started in your neighborhood, use our You’ve Been Booed printable to get things rolling and have a boo-tiful Halloween!

Samantha Jacob
Samantha is a Kansas girl through and through. Born and raised in a rural community near Topeka, KS, she moved to Wichita in 2002 to attend WSU. Obtaining her graduate degree from the Wichita State School of Social Work, she loves her job as a pediatric medical social worker. Samantha calls East Wichita home with her husband, two beautiful children, and dog. Having lived in Wichita for over a decade she has enjoyed rediscovering Wichita through the eyes of her children. When time allows Samantha enjoys spending time with friends, trying new restaurants, and re-watching episodes of the West Wing.