7 Best Places to See the Fall Leaves Change in Wichita with Kids

Botanica, The Wichita Gardens

The fall leaves will be changing soon! With fall comes so much nostalgia and excitement with back to school, changing of seasons, crisp air in the mornings, and of course fall walks to see the leaves changing. Who doesn’t love the warm, rich tones of autumn’s changing leaves? It’s pure magic when you catch the trees at just the right time.

There are plenty of Wichita parks, trails, and neighborhoods with beautiful trees in the area – and when you catch just at the right moment, you can see the vibrant hues of the fall leaves while they change colors. Here is a Fall Foliage Prediction Map to help plan your fall outings (typically early to mid-October in Kansas). 

Best Places to See Fall Leaves in Wichita

Chisholm Creek Park & Trails | 6232 E. 29th St. North

With acres of wooded areas and plenty of paved paths and nature trails, this is a family favorite to go on a fall nature hike! You can spot beautiful trees and make it an afternoon of walking or hiking to see the fall leaves changing. 

Fall Leaves Changing in Wichita

Riverside Park | 720 Nims N

Near Downtown Wichita, Riverside is a charming neighborhood filled with character and with streets lined with beautiful mature trees. Riverside Park has trails and plenty to do for the kids (including a small zoo and playground equipment) and is a great place for a walk to see the fall leaves. 

Red Bud Trail | 13th St. and Prairie Creek Road (Andover) and I-135 west of N. Minneapolis St. (Wichita)

This is a true treasure in Wichita. We recommend walking the “trail” on the portion from Rock Road to 159th. There are no sidewalks on this portion of the trail, just a weathered gravel path with tall billowing trees along both sides. On a crisp fall morning with a coffee in hand, it simply can’t be beaten.
Fall Leaves Redbud Trail

College Hill Park | 304 Circle Drive

The entire neighborhood of College Hill is breathtaking in the fall, not to mention the all-out decor during Halloween. And College Hill Park is a great spot for a jog or walk with beautiful autumn trees as the backdrop.

Botanica’s Woodland Walk 701 Amidon St

Wichita’s Botanica Garden is a favorite local attraction and the this quarter mile trail is surrounded by large trees, perfect for fall foliage peeping. Be sure to walk around the rest of the gardens, and head to the Children’s Garden and Carousel with the kids while you are there. 

WSU Campus | 1845 Fairmount St.

Equally as beautiful in the spring while surrounded by stunning tulips, Wichita State University’s campus is a great spot to explore in the fall. Surrounded by mature trees, you are sure to capture all the vibrant colors on campus as the leaves begin changing.  

Museums on the River | 650 N. Seneca

There is something magical about walking around the scenic Arkansas River on a cool fall morning. Take a stroll down by the Museums on the River and near the Keeper for an autumn treat. 

Fall Leaves Downtown Wichita

There is a lot of fall fun happening in Wichita!

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  1. Where is Lakepoint? Wish I could say I was new to Wichita but I just haven’t explored much. Or know what the neighborhoods are called…

  2. Hi Jennifer – Lakepoint is just off Rock Road and East Central. If you drive East on Central, it will be on your left. If you park at Kapaun Mt. Carmel high school or the old City Arts, you can go on a walk through the neighborhood with the kiddos!

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