8 Great Places to Go Camping with Kids Near Wichita


Our family loves a good camping trip. While we have our favorite spot (like literally a favorite site, not just a favorite campground), we do like exploring more of what this area has to offer. With younger kids, we like being within an hour or so of home so the car trip isn’t completely overwhelming.

While some locations have walk-up spots, if you are going on a holiday weekend, you’ll definitely want to reserve a spot far in advance or risk not having a place to camp! If you aren’t the sleep-outdoors type, check into day passes to enjoy all these beautiful locations have to offer and then head home to your air-conditioned, bug-free home. 

Here is a great list of campgrounds near Wichita: 

Fall River

This one is our favorite. There are bathrooms, a playground, RV sites and even cabins for the less adventurous. Tent camping near the water is beautiful and the kids love climbing on the rocks and fishing. 

Cheney State Park

Lots of campsites, easy access to the lake for water activities, “beaches” to play on, and, if you live west, this one isn’t far at all!

Kanopolis State Park

Sandy beach plus caves equals tons of fun. This one is closer to two hours away, but is often recommended!

Elk City State Park

Beautiful hikes and rock formations – it doesn’t even feel like you are in Kansas!

Harvey County Lake

Tons of places to fish, and lots of easily accessible camping sites. 

Lake Afton Park

RV and tent spots, access to the water for boating, plus the observatory is very close!

Santa Fe Lake

The swimming beach and paddleboats offer something fun for everyone!

Perry State Park

Horse trails, camping, boating… what more could you ask for?


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