How to Host A Hamilton Watch Party (with Free Printable Hamilton BINGO Card!)


Lin Manuel Miranda has given 2020 the biggest gift he could: sending his Broadway hit musical, Hamilton, to the masses in movie form an entire year early. Disney+ will release the filmed production starring the original cast at 2 a.m. Central Standard Time on July 3rd.  Planning a Hamilton watch party? Here are a few things to know and ways to celebrate!

How to Host a Hamilton Watch Party


Where & How to Watch Hamilton

This article tells all you need to know for the technical part of a watch party if you don’t already have Disney+. 

Choose your viewing audience

Hamilton meets all the guidelines for a PG-13 Rating on Disney+, but parents should be aware of themes before watching.  Miranda speaks here about the rating and how it came to work out while still having a language and some more mature content. Common Sense Media will have its full recommendations up on July 3rd to guide parents here

Download the Hamilton App

While you are social distancing and watching one of the best musicals ever, you’re going to want quote and character Hamilton stickers to text the other Hamilfans in your life.  

Hamilton Trivia Games

Are you satisfied with your  lyrical, character, and random tidbits knowledge?  Battle with this lyrics quiz, prove you’re a super fan, or drop some knowledge about Alexander Hamilton here

Hamilton Karaoke or Lip-Sync Battle

Use the Hamilton App or find the lyric videos on YouTube to have an epic battle of lyrics.  Miranda’s word genius makes a lyrical thrown-down a must for any Hamilton celebration!  

Serve some Hamilfood

No viewing party is complete without some serious noshing. Rename common foods with quotes or characters like, A.Ham Quiches, Talk Less, Smile S’mores or 3 Fundamental Fruits at the Exact Same Time. Check out this thread that has some super creative ideas. 

Play Hamilton Blackout Bingo

Don’t throw away your shot! Print this HAMILTON BLACKOUT BINGO card, do the activities, and name the character speaking as your hear the quotes!

How are YOU watching the movie debut?