DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids (with Printables)


If you want to skip the store this year and make your own Valentine cards, I have the solution for you! I will share with you some tips I use to prepare for Valentine’s Day and give you some ideas on simple Valentine cards and other DIY options, like printing cards for a theme your child is excited about.

While it may sound a little intimidating, it doesn’t have to be.  I can promise you that a even a simple cut-out heart with some sweet words written on it, can make anyone smile. Last year, my oldest son and I participated in a cookie decorating event at the Love of Character. While there, the kids made Valentines using construction paper, scissors and markers. They had options of incorporating anything on the table into their Valentine to make it their own, and it was wonderful to see what they wanted to create. Think of stickers, paper doilies, glue sticks and more. The kids were so excited to take these to Grandma and Grandpa because they made them on their own!

Inspire some creativity!

While I am not always in love with what I find on Pinterest, it does inspire some creativity when it comes to things like Valentines for the classroom. Each year I try and plan ahead by watching for things in clearance bins, which we could incorporate into their classroom Valentines. For example, over one summer I found little bouncy balls with emoji faces on them, on clearance in the party aisle of Hobby Lobby.  They were originally made for party gift bags, but at a price of 80 cents, I was getting 12 bouncy balls per package. Thanks to a quick Pinterest search, these worked perfectly for a cute valentine we made that said, “You make my heart bounce Valentine!”  I found four packages of the balls on clearance and decided that each child would get two bouncy balls included in their Valentine. I put the bouncy balls in a snack size zip lock bag and used cardstock to make bag toppers, which would be stapled to the top of the bag and where we would write the Valentine’s message. 

What are bag toppers?

Bag toppers are quick ways to make a zip lock bag look fancy.  To make the topper, you cut paper in the shape of a rectangle, the same length as the top of the zip lock bag.  You then fold the rectangle in half, cover the top of the bag and then staple it in place.  This technique can be used on anything you find to put in a bag.  Think of any holiday that you want to make something to give out in mass quantities and apply a cute topper to the bag.

To save on using bags or the need for a topper, try just taping an item to cardstock paper.  Two years ago, we found little hot wheels on sale and made Valentines that read, “You are just my speed Valentine,” and “You make my heart race!”  We cut out a rectangle piece of cardstock paper and wrote out the Valentine message on the card.  We then taped the car to the paper and addressed them to each child in the class.  My son loved making this valentine and even used some yellow tape that we found at home that said, “Caution,” to tape the cars down to the paper.  When you can use supplies you already have at home, it is even more of a win!

For a quick food favorite Valentine, we have purchased the variety pack of cookies and attached a sweet note to them that read, “Valentine, You’re a Smart Cookie!”  You could make homemade cookies and do this same thing!  For the year my youngest son was eating little oranges every day, we made Valentines with a cutie orange that said, “You’re a cutie!”

This year, try making your Valentine, Galentine or friends a little do-it-yourself Valentine!

Check out these quick printable options for easy Valentine cards that anyone would love to receive!

  • You’re a Gem Valentine Printable
    • Buy a bag of ring pops and either tape these Valentines to the package or put them in a bag, use a hole punch to create a hole in the corner and with a piece of ribbon or string, tie these Valentine cards to the bag.
  • Valentine, You Make My Heart Pop Printable 
    • Attach these cute Valentines to some bubbles! You can use a hole punch to punch a hole in the corner of the Valentine card and attach the piece of ribbon to the Valentine and then tie it to the bubble container.
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