How to Plan Easter Egg Hunts for All Ages

kids hunting for Easter eggs in back yard
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Whether six months or sixteen years old, the search can be fun for all ages! Here are ideas for planning Easter Egg Hunts your whole family will love.

Easter Egg Hunts for Babies

 Even if your baby is not walking yet, they can join in on the fun too!

– Gather household items that would make fun “shakers” like rice, dry beans, small jingle bells, and coins, and place the items in plastic eggs.

-Hot glue the eggs shut so they don’t become a choking hazard. They also make fun sensory play even after the Easter season.

Easter Egg Hunts for Toddlers

Your toddler is finally reaching the age that they understand the sought-after Easter Egg Hunt.

-To keep things fair, assign each child an egg color and have equal number for each child. Hide young children’s eggs in open areas that are easy to spot.

-A lot of kids participating in the hunt? Divide the egg hunt into age group so everyone has a fair chance.

-Not thrilled with your three-year old consuming their weight in chocolate? Fill eggs with festive and age-appropriate items such as stickers, stamps, small toys, egg-shaped sidewalk chalk, or coins to add to their piggy bank.

Easter Egg Hunts for Older Kids

They might say they are too old for an Easter Egg Hunt, but hide them and they will come!

-Instead of hunting for eggs, hide festive “Easter gear” around the yard such a bunny ears, party hats, silly bunny noses, and candy necklaces. As they find the gear, they have to put it on. Drape a sheet or table cloth across a clothes line for an easy backdrop to capture these memories.

-Your preteen or teen not into hunting? Older children can help hide the eggs, assist with dying and decorating eggs, and help their younger family members on the hunt.

Easter Egg Hunts for Adults

Gather your friends and have an adults-only Easter Egg Hunt!

You may need an Uber at the end of the night.

-Fill large eggs with mini liquor bottles and have fun creating Easter-themed cocktails.

-Slip a piece of paper into each egg, instructing the egg-finder to take a certain number of sips from their libation while on the hunt.

-Have participants each bring a 6-pack of beer. A fun option is to decorate the bottles using spray paint, colored duct tape, or stickers. Each participant hunts for “eggs” to fill up their six-pack basket.

-Divide your friends into two teams. The team that finds the most eggs wins special prizes such as lotto scratchers, bottles of wine, or restaurant gift cards. This would also be fun at dusk with flash lights!


However you decide to hunt for eggs, make it age-appropriate, unique, and right for your family!

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Anne Gegen
Anne and her husband, Ryan, live in East Wichita with their two boys, born in 2014 and 2016, and their dog, Lola. She taught second grade for six years before deciding to stay home with her boys. Anne is involved with her church and an active member of Junior League of Wichita. A transplant from Kansas City, Anne enjoys exploring Wichita with her family, finding fun and different activities to keep her toddler engaged. She is continually on the lookout for new restaurants to try and is always up for a glass of wine with girlfriends!


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