3 Reasons a Springfree Trampoline is Worth the Splurge (and the Best Family Gift)


Springfree Trampoline Best GiftThank you to Ways to Play for sponsoring this article and for providing neighborhood fun for Wichita families!

We have officially joined the trampoline club thanks to Ways to Play, the local neighborhood fun experts. Our family has been thinking about getting a trampoline for awhile now, and we finally decided we were ready after visiting friends. They had purchased a Springfree jumbo square trampoline, and our family fell in love with it and decided to research and get one for ourselves!

3 Reasons a Springfree Trampoline is Worth the Splurge and the Best Family Gift!

Trampolines are an Activity for the Whole Family (That Isn’t Technology)

 We really love experience gifts for our daughters, and bonus points if it’s something we can do together as a family and not technology-focused.

A trampoline checks all the boxes:

1. The family can do it together.
2. It’s outdoors.
3. No technology is needed.
4. It encourages movement and exercise.

A trampoline is truly such a great gift idea – and the best part is we think our girls will love it as they grow into tweens and teens (I totally remember loving trampolines in high school and having outdoor slumber parties with friends).

Springfree Trampolines are Safe!

In contrast to older trampoline models, the Springfree trampoline “eliminates the impact areas that cause 90 per cent of all product-related trampoline injuries”. They removed the springs which often caused pinching, the frame is well beneath the jumping surface making it impossible to hit, the mat is 30 times more shock-absorbent than pads, and the Flexinet cushions jumpers and prevents falls.

As soon as we got our trampoline, my husband went out to jump with our daughters, and he fell right away. The first thing he noticed was how the net cushioned his fall and really held sturdy.

Trampolines Can Be Used Year-Round and for Many Years

Springfree in the Rain!

 Even in the Kansas outdoors, trampolines can be used year-round. They make perfect spots for “camping” in the back yard in the fall or spring and are a great way to burn off energy in the summer and even the winter.

Our daughters are ages 8 and 6, and we felt like a trampoline would grow with them as they get older unlike some other outdoor sets or larger gifts. It’s something the family can use together and with friends and neighbors for many years to come!

Where to Get a Springfree Trampoline

We recommend going to check out the trampolines for yourself at Ways to Play. They carry trampolines from Springfree which are engineered for safety and quality. And they have a knowledgeable team who can answer all of your questions.

You can see them at their store. Here are the trampolines offered by Ways to Play. They also offer installation on all the trampolines they carry.


From August 24th – September 24th, 2021, you will receive a free ladder (value $79) and half price local installation (installation value $299) with the purchase of an in-stock Springfree trampoline.

Simply mention this article when you visit Ways to Play (3407 N Rock Rd, just south of Sam’s Club). 

Ways to Play – Neighborhood Fun Experts

Come visit our show place and see our large selection of quality swing sets. We have many pre-configured models available or we can help you design a backyard playset that fits your space and your family. You can shoot hoops on our basketball court and see our display of “Made in America” in-ground basketball goals from Goalsetter as well as our Goalrilla display. We also offer high quality trampolines with innovative technology from Springfree.

We proudly serve Wichita, KS and the surrounding area. We offer installation on all the outdoor playsets, basketball hoops, and trampolines we carry with our in-house crew. Stop by our store or give us a call to see how we can make your backyard the place to play!


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