Birthday Themed Cake and Cookie Ideas


Making my kids birthday cake is not always the most convenient option, but I love the tradition of choosing a theme and making a cake.  My close friend makes our cookies to our crazy themes and its so much fun!  Here are my Top 5 Countdown of Favorite Cake and Cookie Themes!

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#5 Lady Bug 

We had so much fun with this theme, its not super original, but great for a sleep deprived mom.  My husband found a way to ship 1,000 ladybugs to our home and we did a ladybug release. I have to say I am glad I talked him out of the “5,000 for the same cost option”!

#4 Hello Kitty 

London 5th Birthday was sweet and dainty with this simply and fun Hello Kitty Theme. The cake was easy to make, and the cookies were fantastic.

#3 Finding Nemo 

This Summer time theme was easy and fun to decorate for. The cookies were awesome! 

#2 Shawn the Sheep 

This cake was super simple with frosting and marshmallows randomly added to the sides. Additionally, and we love this claymation. The cookies were simple and amazing adding that extra touch.

#1 Maleficent 

My sweet and feisty Locklyn wanted a Maleficent birthday and I had to deliver. The cookies were creative and cute! This was a fun cake to make! 

Get Inspired and Have Fun

Searching for the best party themes is fun for kid, inviting them to participate makes it even more special. Give them 2-4 themes to choose from if they are little.

Find inspiration on TV, binge watch some randoms shows or videos about cake decorating. Search the internet for images and and photos.

Visit a cake decorating store and browse. 


Draw a picture. I like to draw my plans down, makes it easier to make a list of ingredients and decorations I need.

This is not the less expensive way. I often spend more then I would like to admit on the cake and cookies combined. 

Always remember, as a back up plan, there is an ice cream cake just down the street…


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