Homeschool Co-Ops & Student Groups in Wichita

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What arehomeschool co-ops? It’s a group of homeschooling families that meet regularly for cooperative learning in arts, academics, or any subject they choose.

This is also one of the many places where homeschooled kids socialize – spending time with children of diverse ages and receiving instruction from adults who are not their parents. Some co-ops are free while others have nominal fees to cover the cost of supplies.

Homeschool Co-Ops in Wichita

Adventures in Homeschool Education

Central Homeschool Families Ministry (CHFM)

Homeschool Learning Hubs

Classical Conversations

Courage Academy

Derby Homeschool Group 

El Dorado Christian Homeschool Organization (ECHO

Prairie Kids Wichita

GO! Homeschool

Homeschool Hackers (Derby)

Homeschooling Nature Nuts: Wichita

LIGHT Academy

Lily Lake Collective

Newton Home Educators Association

Newton Homeschool Fellowship

West Wichita Homeschool Ministries

Wichita Homeschool Adventure Club

Wichita Innovative Schools & Educators (WISE)

Wichita Independent Secular Homeschoolers

Wichita Unschoolers

Wild + Free

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