How to Register Your Homeschool in Wichita (and Homeschooling Laws in Kansas)


Is homeschooling legal in Kansas? Yes! While “homeschools” are not a recognized entity in the state of Kansas, homeschooling is perfectly legal. Your homeschool must be registered as a “Non-Accredited Private School” with the Kansas State Department of Education (unless you are using a virtual school program). You can pull your kids from school and register your Non-Accredited Private School at any time during the year – there are no deadlines or restrictions.

  • There is a simple online form to fill out and submit – be sure to print a copy for your records because you will receive no confirmation from the state. You do not need to give them the ages or names of your students, nor do you need to register or renew annually. Once is enough!
  • If you are withdrawing your kids from a public or private school in order to homeschool this year, you will need to send a letter to the school informing them of your intention. Keep a copy of this for your records as well.
  • If your kids are enrolling in an online public school or virtual school, you do not need to register as a homeschool. 

Non-Accredited Private School Registration (ONLINE)

Sample Kansas Withdrawal Letter

Homeschooling in Kansas Facts Sheet PDF

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