How to Make Sure You Always Have the Perfect Teacher Gifts This Year


No matter what your kiddo’s classroom situation looks like this year, one thing is for sure, teachers are working harder and longer than ever before. If you ever want to show your appreciation by giving them a little something, here’s an idea to make sure it’s something they really love.

Last year I benefited from this idea when a mom helped organize a classroom Christmas gift for my son’s Kindergarten teacher. She collected money to put together a favorite things basket, and she knew all of her favorite things from snacks and drinks to restaurants and splurges. When it came time for Teacher Appreciation Week, she emailed out ideas if anyone was doing gifts. I found this to be so helpful, who doesn’t want to give a gift you know the person will love?

I was impressed that this mom knew all the things, so I had to ask how did she do it? I loved her answer and have now started this tradition with my kid’s teachers.

Every year, a few weeks into the start of school she sends her kid’s teachers a questionnaire asking about their favorite things. She figures it’s good to know these things before heading into the holidays when life get even busier. And while it’s helpful information for organizing classroom gifts, it also gives her the opportunity to say thank you throughout the year. If a teacher loves Reese’s peanut butter cups or lemon sparkling water, it’s easy to pick it up while you’re out and surprise them on a random day. It’s the little things, the effort of candy or coffee that show teachers our appreciation and how much they mean to our kids.

Here are some sample questions to include in your teacher questionnaire:

When is your birthday?

Favorite sweet treat?

Favorite salty treat?

Favorite school day beverage?

Favorite after school beverage? (no judgement here!!)

Favorite quick service restaurant?

Favorite sit-down restaurant?

Favorite locally owned business?

Favorite non locally owned business?

Favorite splurge?

While school looks different this year and you may not have the chance to give your teacher a little treat in person, there are ways to get around it. So many restaurants and business will email gift cards, mail something and include a drawing from your child, or even ask if you could drop something off at school. A little appreciation goes a long way, especially now when so much more is being asked of our teachers.


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Kim Trinchet
Kim is a Wichita transplant who never planned to stay, but 15 years later she’s convinced Wichita is the perfect place to raise a family. She’s a wife to Jorge and a mama to Nico and Lucia. She moved here from the Chicago suburbs and works in the communications world. The rest of her time is focused on seeking out adventures with her little family. She also loves browsing grocery store aisles, reading cookbooks, iced coffee and wine. Kim’s trying to learn Spanish as well, her kiddos are bilingual and already speak better than she does!


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