5 Products and Services That I Wish I Knew About the First Time I Was Pregnant


Like many other pregnant women have experienced, and shared with me, my current pregnancy has been different from my first one. No two pregnancies are the same.

While only two years apart, this pregnancy has been much harder on my body. Perhaps it is because I am physically exhausted because I am running after a toddler now, or it is because I am mentally focused on figuring out how we will survive the “fourth” trimester as parents of two little ones. In any case, it has been noticeably more difficult.

Even with the changes in the number of symptoms and severity, there are still a few things that I am experiencing now that I did last time too. Below is a list of products and services that have been helpful to me this pregnancy with my discomfort, lack of energy, and pregnancy brain – and certainly would have been helpful last pregnancy as well!

  1. 8 Sheep Organic Body Lotion

One thing that has been similar to my previous pregnancy is that I have been struggling to fall asleep (despite being utterly exhausted!), and it is mainly because my legs are so fidgety and heavy. They keep me up all night! Did you know that Restless Leg Syndrome can be caused by a magnesium deficiency?  After much research and talking to my OB, I knew I had to address this, but I did not want to have to take an extra supplement. This magnesium lotion has been a lifesaver! It also smells great (I have both the Lavender and the Bergamot scents) and it is so soothing. It has really made a difference in my ability to fall, and stay asleep. An added benefit is that it helps me moisturize as I am completely terrible at it!

  1. Actif Organics Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal Vitamins are crucial when pregnant – they are essential for both mama and baby. While I loved my prenatal vitamins the first time around, I often seemed to forget to take the evening pill. I love that Actif has everything you need in one pill – it is organic and has some extra goodness like the natural form of folic acid (methylfolate) and a good amount of DHA. An added bonus is that it does not have a fishy smell and aftertaste! Yay! I have found the perfect prenatal vitamin for me.  

  1. Baby Booster: The Prenatal Protein Shake

During my first trimester, I was unable to eat anything – especially protein. I could get some fruit and carbs in, but I was struggling to maintain a balanced diet. While not as drastic, I had a similar issue the first time around and I wish I had known about this protein shake (approved by my OB). When making it, I mix in strawberries, bananas, and coconut milk. It is delicious, filling, and nutritious! You can find this in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla.

  1. Belly Band Support

I wish I had been told about belly bands last time around. As I am quite petite, the extra 30lbs I put on in my last pregnancy really made my back suffer. I could not sleep (or even be comfortable) towards the end of my third trimester. After giving birth to my son, the nurses at the hospital put me in a belly band and it was a lifesaver. This time around I started wearing one as early as 18 weeks for added support and it is helping my Round Ligament Pain and the constant strain on my back. It has also been great for my posture.

There are so many options out there – I have been alternating between the ones given to me by the hospital and the one above.

  1. Stitch Fix Maternity

I do not like shopping for clothes and it is even more nerve-racking for me to do so when pregnant! Even with only a handful of stores in Wichita, I could not help but being overwhelmed by maternity shopping. During my last pregnancy, I was able to use clothes from my wardrobe until halfway through as it was cold and I could wear sweaters and loose winter dresses. My mom also generously bought me a few maternity items from overseas. This time around I started showing when the weather was starting to warm up and I desperately needed some cute spring maternity options. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Stitch Fix has a maternity service. I love getting packages of maternity clothing that fit my style and that I am not committed to buying. The entire process has been smooth – from creating my profile, sharing my Pinterest board with my stylist, trying the outfits, paying for the ones I like and returning those that did not work for me. It takes the pressure away of me having to make major decisions about new clothes items. I am looking forward to my next package!

What are some products that were helpful during your pregnancy? Feel free to share with us some of your insider tips!

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Léah Lavender
Léah was born and raised in Abu Dhabi in a Lebanese family and grew up speaking three languages: French, English and Arabic. She moved to Australia for college where she met her Wichita-born husband, Paul, while they were both completing their graduate degrees. After getting married in Lebanon, they had a brief stop in San Francisco before deciding to make Wichita home. Since becoming a mother to a very cheeky and energetic toddler, Levi (2018), Léah has slowly transitioned from full-time community building work with the Greater Wichita Partnership into a more flexible contract role allowing her more time to build castles, blow bubbles, and raise Levi multilingual.