Léah Lavender

Léah was born and raised in Abu Dhabi in a Lebanese family and grew up speaking three languages: French, English and Arabic. She moved to Australia for college where she met her Wichita-born husband, Paul, while they were both completing their graduate degrees. After getting married in Lebanon, they had a brief stop in San Francisco before deciding to make Wichita home. Since becoming a mother to a very cheeky and energetic toddler, Levi (2018), Léah has slowly transitioned from full-time community building work with the Greater Wichita Partnership into a more flexible contract role allowing her more time to build castles, blow bubbles, and raise Levi multilingual.

10 Tips for Solo International Travel with A Toddler

This summer my husband, my 14-month-old, and I traveled to London for my little sister’s graduation. While our trip to London was anything but breezy (canceled flights, missed connections, trying to entertain a sleepy but...