20 Unique Ideas to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special


Adults may cringe at the thought of tacking on another year to our ages, but a birthday is probably the day our children most look forward to. Of course, a birthday party is one exciting way to celebrate, but why not add in a little surprise to make it extra special. Here are some fun ideas to make your kiddo feel the love on their big day.

1. Go out for a special meal. Try to think of unique and original local favorites such as Stearman Bar & Grill, Carriage Crossing, George’s French Bistro, Fizz Burgers and Bottles, Chicken and Pickle, or Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper.

2. Order a large birthday sign or balloon wreath. Sign Gypsies in Wichita have fun, outrageous yard signs sure to make them smile, or try one of the fabulous balloon wreaths from Love of Character.

3. Call a local radio station to see if they will announce your child’s birthday. This would be perfect for the drive to or from school.

4. Create a photo book from their previous years. Tell them stories as you talk through the memories. Kids love to hear stories about themselves.

5. Take your kid’s favorite restaurant lunch to school, if allowed, or check them out and treat him or her to a special lunch out with Mom or Dad.

6. Let them have a yes day. Can we have pizza for breakfast? Yes. Can we go to the zoo? Yes! Can we have ice cream for lunch? Yes!

7. Fill balloons with confetti and cash for them to pop and add to their piggy bank or savings account!

8. Make their favorite meal at home. Do so for the entire day if you can! And don’t forget dessert.

9. Take a special day or weekend trip. Plan it as a surprise, pack their bag, and tell them you’re hitting the road. Check out this post for a few quick getaway ideas.

10. Give them small gifts at each hour of the day. 

11. Arrange a birthday scavenger hunt. Get some good neighbor friends on board and have your child hunt out their gifts.

12. Go to a movie of their choice with the whole family. 

13. Give them a “Gift of Your Choice” certificate. Take them to pick out their gift.

14. Create special cards. Each family member makes a card for them, or create one large card from everyone.

15. Balloons, streamers and confetti. Decorate their bedroom door, fill their room or the living room with fun decor, or the car with birthday balloons, streamers, decor and confetti.

16. Bake a cake or cookies together. Go to the store, choose the cake or cookie flavor, frosting, sprinkles, and other toppers. Let them help when you get home!

17. Have a surprise party!

18. Dinner and activity with friends. Let them choose a friend or two and take them out to dinner and an activity like bowling, painting, pickle ball or a movie.

19. Let them wake up to a surprise donut bar for breakfast. Go ahead and make plain homemade donuts or get store bought. Get icing and sprinkles for them to decorate their own delicious breakfast donut.

20. Surprise them with an ice cream bar. Grab plenty of flavors and toppings!

We hope your kiddo has a very special birthday! Please share with us any other fun, unique ways to make them feel the love on their big day!