Babies on Board: Which Items Do You Need TWO of When You’re Expecting Twins?


Getting the news that you’re expecting multiples is insurmountable – I felt every emotion under the sun when I saw my two little gummy bears dancing on the screen. Once the dust settled and we started planning for what lie ahead, I became so overwhelmed at the amount of stuff it seemed like we needed – times two! While it certainly wasn’t true that we needed two of absolutely everything, purchasing duplicates or twin-specific options of the items below proved to be worth it for us during that first year. Please keep in mind, this is what worked for my family – this is by all means not a one-size-fits-all guide, just one twin mama trying to help others when the options seem endless and overwhelming! It’s also worth noting that twins are definitely not “buy one, get one free” like lots of sweet elderly men in grocery stores like to quip – with some planning and luck, a lot of these options are available secondhand at consignment sales, thrift stores, and Facebook Marketplace, or go on great sales.

Twin-Z Pillow

I know there are other twin-specific pillows, but this one truly takes the cake. What makes it so special is that it’s shaped like a 3, and is so multifunctional because of that. You can prop the middle piece behind you to nurse both babies at once comfortably. You can lay it on the floor and use it as a double-baby lounger. Once babies are old enough to hold their own bottles (that day will come eventually, I promise!) laying them in it is the perfect angle for them to be propped up drinking. It’s great for tummy time. They can use it as support when they’re learning to sit unassisted. 

High Chairs

You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t really need two bulky, ugly chairs, but rest assured, you do. Here’s why – I can tell you from experience that it’s not gonna fly when baby A sees baby B getting fed; you might as well just start alternating bites between them from the beginning. And the biggest perk of all – the highchair is essentially a baby jail, and it’s glorious. Even if you wanted to only feed one baby at a time, with both contained in their own seats, the other can’t escape and cause chaos! I recommend the space-saving versions that fasten atop regular chairs. They take up less space, can be adapted as babies grow, and are easier to travel with!


An absolute essential for feeding both babies at once before they can hold their own bottles! You can position one on each side of you while you veg out in front of the TV, I mean gaze adoringly as your babies take an eternity to drink up. The incline helps with preventing spit-up, and the kind with hanging toys are also great for entertainment outside of feedings.


The fabric/wrap style was a saving grace when one of my girls couldn’t go a solid minute without being attached to me, while still having another baby to take care of! Once they got a bit older, I wanted a sturdier option. The TwinGo was genius in theory, but I wore it as a tandem system exactly one time before saying “NOPE!” The great thing about it is that you can wear both babies at once if that’s your jam, or you can split it into two separate carriers. Of course, you can just opt for two individual carriers in that case, but the TwinGo still ended up costing less than two similar single-child options, so it worked out for us.

Double Stroller

The key here is finding a frame where both car seats can latch on and off easily, one in front of the other (side by side options are great when they’re older, but so bulky and hard to move with two car seats). You can opt for a frame stroller, or look for a double stroller that accommodates two car seats and can switch to standard seats when babies are a little older. The Contour Options maneuvered like a dream, had quite a few options for seat configuration, and had a huge storage basket underneath. While you’re at it, make sure to get two car seat canopies to prevent unwelcome touching when you’re out in public.

Buggy Bench

Unless you exclusively shop at Aldi, Costco, or Sam’s where there are two seats, you’re going to run into an issue when it comes to safely sitting both babies in a cart! The Buggy Bench suspends over the basket to create a second seat once babies are old enough to sit upright.

Fellow Moms of Multiples, what items did you find as absolute necessities for that first year?

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