3 Baby Shower Gifts You Didn’t Know You Needed


After having two kids of my own (and several others living with us for different amounts of time), I have learned which things I reach for over and over again and which gadgets I haven’t used since my first baby was tiny. Some of these baby shower gifts I didn’t know about when I became a mom, and I am so glad someone found them and bought them for me!

Must-Have #1 :: Silicone Placemat with Suction-cups

We have the Summer Infant Tiny Diner Placemat. It has been fantastic for eating out. The entire thing suctions to the table. When our kids were at the finger food stage, they could eat off of the mat instead of a gross table or a plate that inevitably winds up on the floor. Also, it has a little tray to catch the pieces that would otherwise go into their laps or on the floor for easier clean up. The entire things folds up to the inside and into the tray so it can be put in the bag and cleaned at home. Some now that have a bowl or plate shape built in which also looks really cool.

Must-Have #2 :: Indestructibles

I LOVE to read. I have read 500+ books a year for the last several years (since I started keeping track). When we found out we were pregnant, I went a little nuts buying all the books. I wanted our son to have access to the stories I remember from my childhood as well as some of the new classics. Little did I know how hard he would be on them! I have had kids who have literally consumed books during naptime. We have replaced “Amazing Airplanes” no less than three times. Then my mom bought us an indestructible book for Christmas when our son was 8 months old. We still have it, almost five years later! Although the pages are a little crumpled and bent, there is not a single tear or rip and the entire book is intact. The label “indestructible” is totally legit.


Must-Have #3 :: Ankle Ice Packs

My girlfriend is a massage therapist, and when I was newly pregnant she bought me a pair of these from one of her therapy catalogs. At first I was a little skeptical, but I kept getting more and more pregnant, as one does. Towards the end of my second trimester I was using them every night. If you are due anywhere near summer time, you NEED these in your life! They are reusable and store in the freezer so they are always cold. Mine Velcro on my feet and provide instant coolness and relief for soreness and swelling. This may be the very best gift I didn’t know I wanted.



What seemingly random gift did you receive that you absolutely love and recommend to everyone?


  1. An excellent top 3!! My favorites and must-haves include Lily Padz (silicone breast/nursing pads). They suction to your nipple, and I never leak! No bras at night necessary! Also, I loved my portable white noise machine, small enough to clip onto carseat, pack and play, and baby carrier! Finally, we love our muslin swaddle blankets and almost 4 years later, still use them on a regular basis for car trips and snuggling!

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