FREE First Day of School Printable!

Free First Day of School Printable 

I’ve always loved the start of a new school year – even now, when I haven’t had a first day of school in 8 years. It’s the feeling of a fresh start, new experiences, and the smell of brand new school supplies. I don’t even have a child in school yet, and I’m already dreaming of the day I get to buy a brand new backpack and fill it with folders, crayons, and shiny new erasers. I’ve also been plotting my children’s first day of school photos that I’ll most likely forget to take on the actual first day of school and they’ll really turn into fifth day of school photos. But, oh well. I’m sure they’ll inherit my procrastination, so they’ll understand eventually.

The other thing I love at the beginning of a new school year? The flood of those first day of school photos that fill my Facebook news feed. The extra cheesy smiles, holding up their lunch boxes with those shiny new backpacks on their back. And, you’ll probably even see a couple younger siblings photobombing because they just can’t wait until they are the ones taking their first day of school photo. I can almost hear all the moms behind the cameras “Ready, CHEESE!”

To make those photos a little easier, I’ve created a couple of free first and last day of school printables! Print at home or at your local photo print shop, trim, fill out, and place in an 8×10 frame. Then, place your child in front of the huge tree in your front yard, or on the front porch steps – you know, the classic back to school backgrounds, and snap away! Then, please post on Facebook so we without school-aged kids can live through you! I promise, I will forever “Like” a good first day or last day of school photo.

Printable Tips:

  • Make sure you print on cardstock or matte photo paper if printing at home. This will ensure the best quality, and it will be easier to fill out! Also, a heavier-weight paper won’t wrinkle from the ink.
  • I prefer to print and fill out the fields with a Sharpie or marker, but you could drop the image in Word and type over the fields if you aren’t as confident in your handwriting!

Kayla Close
Kayla lives in Goddard with her husband, Zach, and their two littles, Kash (3) and Stella (2 mo.) Born in Manhattan, Kansas but raised in Wichita, Kayla can’t wait to raise her kids in the same city she grew up in. By day, she works at a local bank as in-house graphic designer and marketing coordinator. By night and on weekends, Kayla enjoys hanging out with her family, designing for her Etsy shop, Hue & Hazel, and catching up on her Netflix queue. Although, really, she’s just watching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time.