5 Podcasts That Will Keep You Laughing


When my husband and I go on long road trips we love a good playlist as much as the next person, but often the music becomes too lulling and my husband will ask me to tell him a story. I am no Shonda Rhimes, I cannot spin a tale that holds his attention for long. In times like these our go to storytellers are comedy podcasts. A comedy podcast can range from straight fiction to entertaining interviews and these are some go to funny podcasts.  

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

The landscape of late night television would not be the same without Conan O’Brien. With Conan Needs a Friend, O’Brien is able to take his interviews and antics to a whole new level.  The conversations he has with his celebrity guests are more in depth and the relationship he has with his assistant and producer keep you laughing from start to finish.  

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Have you heard of the Dear Abby news column?  Unqualified is the modern day version. Listeners to Unqualified submit real life questions seeking the advice of Anna Faris and her celebrity guests. While their answers are entertaining they are also often spot on and actually helpful.  

How Did This Get Made?

Do you love movies? Even bad movies? Then this is the podcast for you. Each episode hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Manqzoukas along with a celebrity guest or two hilariously watch and dissect terrible movies. Regular guest Adam Scott, of Parks and Rec fame, is a super fan of the Fast and Furious franchise and helps to review each furious installment.

Comedy Bang! Bang!

If you love improv and off the wall makes no sense comedy then you must check out Comedy Bang Bang.  Scott Aukerman hosts celebrity guests that are interviewed by fictional characters that there really are no words to describe.  Having been around for 11 years this podcast has proven to stand the test of time among other comedy podcasts. Be sure to also check out the TV series on Netflix if you find you can’t get enough Bang Bang.

Absolutely Not

If you are in need of a safe-space that no topic is off-limits then turn on and turn up comedian Heather McMahan’s hilarious Absolutely Not.  Taking calls on her “Absolutely Not-Line” and talking about all the things that we love and that drive us crazy about life this podcast will make you feel like you are talking with a girlfriend even if you are just listening.

We could always use a few more funny stories to listen to so spill the tea; what are your favorite comedy podcasts?

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