5 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Foodie Moms


Because of the rollercoaster that is 2020, many of us moms might be several months in to cooking more meals at home and if you’re anything like me, the burnout is real!

Luckily there is a literal treasure trove of quality, free content at our fingertips all conveniently wrapped up into beautiful, tiny squares on our phones inside the Instagram app.

There are so many incredible “influencers” out there that I could easily list fifty favorites, but for the sake of approachability I have whittled it down to my top five must-follow accounts.

The Family Food Project @thefamilyfoodproject

A mother of two in California, Kayla uses her social platform to lift mamas up, to inspire through beautiful and healthful recipes, feeding tips, snippets of homeschool life and more. Recipes she shares are mostly plant-based and gluten-free, but rest assured, even if you don’t necessarily need or want to eat that way, there will be something here for you.

Chief Spice Mama @chiefspicemama

Kanchan is a health coach, a Harvard PhD, cookbook author, and a creator at Buzz Feed Tasty who is based in New York City.  If that’s not enough, through Instagram she offers approachable, global recipes with a heavy emphasis on spices and their health benefits.

The Natural Nurturer @thenaturalnurturer

The creator of the veggie-loaded approach, Taesha is both a prolific recipe creator and early childhood expert.  If there’s one person who has helped mold my own personal style of cooking, it’s her (sorry, mom).  She veggie-loads all kinds of comfort style foods like muffins, cookies, smoothies, oatmeal, soups, meatballs and more, making them all kinds of delicious and picky-eater approved. 

Happy Healthy Casa @happyhealthycasa

Krista is the real deal and shares her knowledge and passion on a wealth of topics including holistic living, essential oils, bilingual homeschooling, infertility and food. Her photos are light and airy and her voice uplifting and inviting.  One thing I love about her is that her Insta feed is not just the highlight reel.  She shows her readers her real life, vulnerable moments and struggles in a way that makes us all feel like we’re doing our best.

Motherhood & Meals @motherhoodandmeals

A Canadian mama of three and registered dietitian, Noelle shares so much knowledge and insight into feeding kids and meal planning.  Any of us who deal with mealtime struggles can take some tools from this feed and put them to instant use.  In addition to feeding tips, she also posts family friendly recipes and super helpful nutrition facts.



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