6 Fun College Care Package Ideas

My house is so much quieter now that my big kids (I mean, adult kids) have gone off to college. No more dishes piled in the kitchen sink. There’s clean glasses in my cupboard. My washing machine is not a revolving door of laundry. But while there are little things that I am thankful for, for the most part, my heart misses conversations over dinner, watching tv together, and random trips to somewhere to get something.

So, what does a mama do when her heart really misses her college kid? Well, this one packs a care package. Care packages come in all shapes and sizes, but each care package I send overflows with a mama’s love. Haven’t sent a care package in a while? Here are some ideas:

  1. You are sitting up late and night missing your college kid. Why don’t you write a letter telling them about your day and what you miss about them being around?
  2. Sending a box full of his favorite snacks has been a favorite of my son. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that he probably couldn’t go to a store and get himself, but to get a box of snacks from your mama … well, if it doesn’t warm his heart, it definitely fills his stomach!
  3. I know you probably post all sorts of pictures on social media, but sending an envelope full of photos is a great way to send love. Send photos from the family trip this past summer, and – if you’re up to it – write a “Remember when” on the back of the photo as a caption-of-sorts.
  4. You’re out shopping and you see a perfect t-shirt, athletic wear, or a funny pair of socks. Buy them, toss them in a package, and mail it.
  5. Home-baked treats. Enough said. Nothing like muffins, cookies, brownies made with love by Mom. Just be sure to pack them in airtight containers so they stay fresh in transit.
  6. Not all care packages have to be stuff. Sometimes, it is enough just to let your college kid know you’re thinking about her. I’ve sent simple postcards just to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

Don’t think too much about what you’re sending – just send something to send love across the miles. It fills your heart … and theirs.

Maricar (pronounced “Merrah Car”) is moved to Wichita in July 2014 from Virginia Beach. She married her college sweetheart, Chris, in 1996. Together, they have four kids: Will, Addison, Bekah, and Victor. Maricar and Chris are originally from Augusta, Georgia (the “Home of the Masters”, for any avid golfers out there) and have moved quite a bit while Chris completed residency/fellowship (and an eight year US Navy commitment). Here in Wichita, they are now planting some roots. Maricar is a chemistry teacher at Wichita Collegiate, who spends a lot of time cheering for her Spartans at sporting events. She enjoys a good inspirational book, a freshly brewed cup of coffee, scrapbooking, and dinner date nights. Eating out and going to movies tops the list of things the Harris family likes to do. Having a newborn at 42 has been life changing, but she recognizes the greatness of this blessing and is looking forward to this chapter of life.


  1. Well written Maricar! So proud of you and the ways you show how much you love and care for your family 🥰❤️🥰

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