Favorite Unexpected Postpartum Essentials Every New Mom Will Love


When preparing for your new arrival, it’s important to prepare for your postpartum needs as well!  As I’m getting ready for my second baby’s arrival any day, I have a few key items that are my holy grail for postpartum care. 

Whether it’s your first or fifth baby, you can’t go wrong with these favorites:

Frida Mom Perineal Comfort Cushion: Some doctors advise against using a donut pillow as it can put too much pressure on things.  I had difficulty sitting after my first delivery and this was a game changer! It’s not a true donut but more of a flat cushion that provides a soft, supportive seat for you without the unwanted pressure. The best part? A removable cold pack for extra relief!  I’ve already started using this again in my third trimester to help with tailbone pain and it has been a huge help!

Always Infinity Pads with FlexFoam: Is it possible to rave about a feminine hygiene product? I didn’t think so until I discovered these!  Once I ran out of my hospital stash of postpartum supplies, I tried a few samples of these.  I immediately stocked up and wore them for the rest of my postpartum experience.  I love that they are thin and comfortable yet still extremely absorbent.  I was also able to pair them with ice packs when needed and didn’t feel like I was wearing a gigantic diaper.

Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector: Let’s face it, there are a lot of things happening to your body during the postpartum period.  We purchased a waterproof mattress pad protector for our bed, and I am so thankful we did!  It was a big help in protecting our mattress from spit up, breastmilk and postpartum sweats.  Put it on your bed before baby arrives for some extra protection in case your water breaks.

Fuzzy Grip Socks: I live in socks around the house.  I don’t have to worry about clomping around in shoes with a sleeping baby and my feet stay toasty warm.  I ended up buying several different pairs of warm, fuzzy socks with grips on the bottom to provide extra traction when walking on hardwood floors.  Motherhood Maternity sells grip socks with inspirational sayings about motherhood, or you can find plenty of different options on Amazon

Tula Eye Balm: I have several of these eye balms and they are one of my staple mom items.  When you are running on little sleep, these help your eyes feel a little more awake and the cooling sensation helps with my undereye puffs!  Tula offers many different eye balm options for what best suits your needs. 

Comfortable Loungewear: I absolutely love the Soma brand- their Cool Nights line helps keep you comfortable with postpartum sweats, and they have tons of mix and match options to choose styles that best work for you.  Another bonus? Many of the pants have drawstring waists and the nightgowns have enough stretch that you can usually wear them throughout your pregnancy! A few years ago my husband gifted me a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and this became one of my favorite postpartum items! It is so soft and was perfect for staying warm in the hospital but also provided easy access for nursing.

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Lindsay is a Kansas City gal who moved to Wichita in 2017. She has been married to her husband, Mike, since 2017. Although they attended the same high school they didn’t meet until their mid-20s. Formerly an Early Childhood teacher and curriculum consultant, Lindsay now stays at home with her daughter (July 2020) and is expecting a son (October 2021). She is also a mom to two fur baby Golden Retrievers. Originally from Michigan, Lindsay loves traveling and spending time outdoors. She is excited to navigate life with two under two and a large coffee in her hand!