Guide to Adoption & Surrogacy with Martin Pringle Adoption Professionals


Kids can be messy, but we still love them. Martin Pringle’s adoption team has more than 50 years of experience representing adoptive parents and birth mothers. We are dedicated to the goal of connecting the right adoptive parents with birth mothers seeking a loving home for their child. We’ll get you connected. You stock up on cleaning supplies.  

From every perspective, whether you’re a birth parent looking to place your child with the right adoptive parents, a family considering your options, or are a prospective adoptive parent hoping to grow the family you’ve always dreamed of, adoption is a gift. It is also a complex area of the law that requires experience and expertise to counsel you through your adoption journey. From start to finish, Martin Pringle’s adoption attorneys will be by your side.

Martin Pringle has a dedicated adoption team including two full-time adoption attorneys, an adoption paralegal, and a dedicated adoption legal secretary.

Martin Pringle’s adoption team provides safe and confidential services in a caring environment, and we look forward to joining you on your adoption journey.

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