The Sisterhood of Moms in Swimsuits

The sun is out.
The temperatures are rising.
Kids are finished with school for the next couple of months.

This could only mean one thing: swimsuit season is here.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a mom. And despite working on loving your body like we’re now told to do, there may still be a little bit of self-consciousness when you look at that tiny stretchy swimsuit you’re putting on as you prepare yourself to go to the pool. But oh mama, I’m here to say THANK YOU.
Last summer was the first summer in four years I wasn’t pregnant or breastfeeding. My body was entirely mine and while I had been maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating (mostly) healthy and exercising, I still felt a little nervous and exposed stepping into the zero-entry pool with my littles.
But as I looked around, I saw the most incredible thing: other moms, of all shapes and sizes, laughing and playing with their kids. I couldn’t tell you what kind of swimsuit any of them were wearing or if they were petite or plus size, but engraved in my memory is that these moms were present for their children and they were having fun. And it reminded me and gave me the grace to do the same thing.
It may have been the most inspirational summer I’ve had as a mom, being a part of this sisterhood of moms in swimsuits. I’m so thankful for these other mamas, who I’m sure chose to head to the pool despite maybe seeing stretch marks and the last baby weight pounds that refused to fall off.  I didn’t see any of that when I saw them playing and laughing in the water, but I did see incredible love for their child, and in turn, love for themselves. My family and I had the absolute best summer when we made the pool our second home, and I know a lot of my fun was because I didn’t spend another second worrying about what I looked like and instead enjoyed the moments. I vowed to myself that I always want to be the “swimsuit mom”, not only because I want to be there to enjoy the summer with my kids but also because I realize that we as mothers have to stick together and encourage one another.  I could read all the self-love blog posts I wanted, but nothing inspired me to love my body as much as actually seeing other moms do the same.  
I know this summer I’ll still have those days where I will see the flaws in my body before I see the beauty.  I know I’ll still probably try to suck in my tummy more on that first walk from the chair to the water.  But I also know that I’m surrounded by other mamas who are choosing to love themselves and their babies more than their imperfections.  So thank you, moms in swimsuits. I’m so proud to be one of you now.  My hope is that in sharing about this unspoken tribe that more moms will shed the insecurities and put on their swimsuits this summer to find the same joy we’ve shared along the way. 
Now let’s go have some fun in the water!
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Liz lives in West Wichita with her husband, Shane, and their two kiddos, Brynn (October '15) and Beckett (December '17). Liz loves her job as a Kindergarten teacher in the same district she grew up attending as a child herself. When she is not chasing after small children, Liz enjoys her coffee black (bonus points if it's still warm!), her wine red, attending church with her family, long lunches to catch up with her girlfriends, and exploring new restaurants and ice cream spots with her hubby on date nights.