Check Out These 4 Hidden Gems for Foodies in Old Town Wichita

I’ve worked near Old Town for nearly 20 years, so I love to frequent restaurants in the area. I’d venture to say that if you head to Old Town on the weekend or for a date night, you might miss a few true treasures that have become part of my weekly lunch regimen.

Lotus Leaf

251 North Washington N, Wichita, KS 67202

If you are a vegetarian, gluten free or just love healthy food, Lotus Leaf is your place. Located at Washington and 2nd Street, you might miss it. I will never turn down their Cauli-Power dish. I swear cauliflower has never tasted so good. And if you are spicy food lover, ask for extra buffalo sauce. I also highly recommend the Triple B on the gluten free bun and add extra sriracha aioli.

Hana Cafe

325 N Mead, Wichita, KS 67202

This is a true gem. Located next to Lucinda’s in Old Town Square, Hana Cafe is casual Japanese/Korean dining you’ve probably walked by countless times. My go-to is the Chicken Bibimbap with a miso soup on the side. Bibimbap is a traditional dish with rice, sauteed vegetables, fried egg and your meat of choice topped with a savory, slightly spicy sauce. Generally includes spinach, lettuce, carrots and sprouts. Vegetarian options are also available. I’ve also heard great reviews on the bento boxes. And the sushi is delicious if that’s up your alley.

New Lemongrass Taste of Vietnam

300 N Mead #108, Wichita, KS 67202

Located in Old Town Square, you’ll find the entrance to Lemongrass in the open courtyard area between City Arts and Old Chicago buildings. If you’ve never tried pho, this is a great place to start. It’s essentially the best chicken noodle soup you’ll ever have. Hot broth, rice noodles, fresh basil, fresh jalapenos, bean sprouts and meat. I’m a fan of the chicken version as the meat is already cooked. The beef versions cook in the hot broth that is provided. If you are looking for something on the lighter side, the vegetarian spring rolls are fresh, flavorful and enough for lunch in my opinion.

Kernel’s Popcorn Express

1101 E 2nd St N, Wichita, KS 67214

I could eat popcorn all day, every day. While not in the main part of Old Town, Kernel’s Popcorn Express is tucked away on 2nd and Wabash. Name the kind of popcorn you want and they probably have it. If you are looking for savory, I recommend the Classic Mix. For chocolate lovers, I suggest Chocolate Toffee. For those with a true sweet tooth and childhood love of Fruity Pebbles, I recommend Tutti Fruitti.

So next time you are in Old Town, expand your horizons and support these local spots.

What are your favorites local spots in Old Town?

Ashley Cook
Ashley grew up in Augusta and has lived in the Wichita area for most of her life. She works full time as vice president at a marketing agency. She'd been in the workforce for 15 years and faced years of fertility challenges before being blessed with son Charlie in 2015. She met her husband, Josh, in kindergarten. The house-divided college sweethearts attended KU and K-State, starting their careers in Dallas before returning to Wichita in 2003. Not just a full-time executive and mom, she owns Josh Cook Golf Academy with her namesake husband. Ashley also enjoys volunteering as Wichita Aero Club vice chair, driving a golf cart with Josh and Charlie, drinking wine and spending time with family.