Books That Go Bump In The Night: 10 Great Halloween Books for Kids


Zombies, witches and ghosts are the norm around our house. My youngest son was born in October, and he is obsessed with all things Halloween. His favorite show-and-tell items are Halloween books, so we are kind of experts when it comes to this topic!

Here are his top 10 books for Halloween :

  1. Where’s My Mummy :: Little Mummy does not want to go to bed so Mama Mummy plays one last game of hide and shriek with him. While he’s finding the perfect hiding spot he runs into several friends throughout the area.
  2. Click Clack Boo :: Farmer Brown does not like Halloween! He hears lots of scary noises outside. As he scrambles under his covers he hears the scary noises get closer. He sees a note and goes out to see what his animals are up to in the barn for Halloween.
  3. Splat The Cat What Was That? :: A lift-the-flap book finding Seymour lost in the spookiest house on the block. Spike and Splat have to rescue him from the haunted house.
  4. Thirteen Nights of Halloween :: A Halloween version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Go through the days and learn about the 13 things to receive for Halloween.
  5. Curious George Haunted Halloween :: George is spending his first Halloween in the country and learns of the tale of No Noggin. Find out if George and his friends learn if the legend of the headless scarecrow is a real.
  6. Spooky Pookie :: Pookie and his mom go through a lot of costumes to find out which one is the best for him to wear for Halloween.
  7. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything :: A little old lady goes out for a walk in the forest and runs into several scary things. She finds her courage and helps them to be scary…but not to her.
  8. Spooky House: Lift the Flap Book : Take a tour of Spooky House as everyone is getting ready for the Halloween party. Lift the flaps to see what lurks behind each one.
  9. Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins :: Sam is at his grandparent’s pumpkin patch. It’s harvest time and he goes out to pick pumpkins. As he fills up his wagon it gets a little too full and he finds out what you can make if you have a few runaway pumpkins.
  10. A Halloween Scare in Kansas :: Last but not least, this fun book has references to cities in Kansas and has pictures that match, including a KU pennant and a pair of monsters holding a “Just Married in Kansas” balloon. It’s about a child who hears and sees a lot of monsters, ghosts and ghouls out celebrating for Halloween. By the end of the book he realizes who is the scariest of them all.

What are your favorite Halloween books we can add to our list?


  1. Room on the Broom should definitely be added to the list. Best Halloween book for kids. All on your list a mre fun reads as well! Thanks

    • I will definitely have to check that one out! We just received the October book order form and ordered 4 new Halloween books. I’m sure we’ll be adding to the list by next year! Thanks for the suggestion!


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