The Enneagram & Motherhood: How Your Type Affects Your Parenting Style

How does your Enneagram Type influence motherhood and your parenting style? We asked 9 moms to tell us exactly that. 

The Enneagram could easily be described as the the newest and oldest personality test to hit meteoric stardom in the last couple of years. An amalgam of ancient theories and ideas, the popular modernized version breaks them down into 9 primary personality types, each assigned a number.

As more people discover their Enneagram Type and how it affects their careers and relationships, its popularity grows. Focusing not only on your strengths, the Enneagram pinpoints your weaknesses and helps you to see whether you are functioning at “healthy” or “unhealthy” levels according to your number.

New to the Enneagram and don’t know your number? Click here to take a free (but basic) test or click here for a more detailed test if you’ve got a bit more time. For a more in-depth look, grab a copy of The Road Back to You!

If you already know your type, click below to see if you resonate with what other moms are saying and how their enneagram affects motherhood!

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Erin Bartel
Erin is a marketing consultant in Wichita KS. She spends her days helping businesses and non-profits navigate the ever-changing waters of digital & local marketing and homeschooling her kids. She and her daughter also own Sassy Squid Ink, an imprint designing notebooks, journals, and sketchbooks. A mother of 2 happily married to her college sweetheart, Erin's hobbies include bribing herself to exercise, traveling with (and without) her family, and trying to remember where she hid the chocolate.