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Wichita Moms Blog is now…Wichita Mom!

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It all started as a vision for connection, community, a way to seek out parenting advice, and a desire to fall in love with Wichita as a mom. Motivated to find answers to the same questions – What do moms do with their kids in Wichita? How do I make friends? How do I find a pediatrician? Is this normal? Why is she crying so much? – we got to work and began building. And finally, as a means to find solutions, camaraderie, and a new lens to explore our city, Wichita Moms Blog was created.

Though we have grown, made mistakes, learned, and evolved – our vision ultimately remains the same: to connect Wichita Area families to relevant information, parenting perspectives unique to our community, and to each other. We often ask ourselves “what can we do to make a mom’s life easier or make her smile”? That is truly our goal through our resource guides, articles written by local moms, social media, events, or community groups. We are here to serve, to connect, to help you see what a fantastic city we live in, and of course to help navigate this motherhood journey together.

We are so excited to continue to position ourselves the go-to online platform and offline community for local moms. Whatever your needs as a Wichita Mom, we hope to help or at least point you in the right direction! We feel with our sleek new look, functionality of our site, and new name and logo – we are well on our way to better serve you, our readers.

As we launch something new, we have to recognize so many women who have made this possible. We started as a team of 10. Now, five years later, we are a team of 70+ women serving at various capacities from community group leaders to contributing writers to event team volunteers! Each and every woman who has come through this community over the years has helped shape who we are today.

While our look has changed, our why has not.

Thank you for being here and to so many who have supported us over the last five years.

Welcome to Wichita Mom.

Downtown Wichita

For fun, let’s take a look back five years ago to some of our firsts…

First Team of 10 Contributors:

First Blog Post: Welcome to Wichita Moms Blog
First Contributor Meeting *RIP Mead’s Corner
First Event: Launch Party at Apricot Lane
First Year in Review (2015)


    • Hi Lari, Welcome (back) to Wichita! We encourage you to join a community group (type “mom groups” in search bar on our website”) and also subscribe to our emails for updates on meetups, events, and anything happening around ICT. Thanks for saying hello!

  1. THANKYOU so much for offering such a wide variety of information! I used your site quite frequently the last few years as the “fun Aunt” to do things with my niece. Then my dear sweet Mom lost her battle to cancer & I became the guardian to my niece. Wow!!!! I didn’t realize how useful your site was for me. I’m still the fun aunt, but that’s now combined with mom role & I’m so blessed to be able to find so many important items on your site to help guide me from the part -time fun aunt to now the 100% all in mom/aunt. THANKYOU for being a wonderful resource for not only moms, but for the ‘cool aunts’ & everyone in between. Thank you so much! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

    • What an absolutely wonderful thing to hear. Thank you for being here, and let us know if there is ever anything else you would like to see!

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